Frequently Asked Questions

How does a knee scooter compare to crutches?

Knee scooters are easier, safer, more stable, and more comfortable than crutches. If your foot or ankle recovery period will last for an extended period of time, a knee scooter is a far better choice to help you stay mobile.

Will my knee scooter be hard to use?

Not at all. Most people will feel comfortable using their knee scooter right away. The Drive DV8 knee scooter is easy to handle, and it’s great for indoor / outdoor use on most smooth surfaces.

Will my insurance plan cover my knee scooter rental?

Many insurance plans will cover the cost of knee scooter rentals under the category of medical appliance rentals. Ask your doctor for a prescription for the knee scooter in order to get reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Will my knee scooter be in good condition when I receive it?

No, it will be in excellent condition. After each use, we clean, sanitize, and service each scooter so that our rental fleet stays in great shape.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Yes, 4 weeks.

How much will my scooter rental cost?

$110 for the first 4 weeks, and $20 per week for each week thereafter.

Will a scooter be available when I want one?

Our number one goal is to have a scooter available whenever you need one. It would help if you give us advanced notice, but we strive to be ready whenever you need us.

What if my rental scooter requires repairs while I’m using it?

Your happiness is important us, so we’ll replace the scooter at no cost to you.

What if my knee scooter is damaged during my rental?

If the knee scooter is damaged from misuse, the renter will be charged accordingly, up to the retail value of the product.

What if I don’t like using my scooter?

No big deal. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so just let us know within a week of your initial rental period and we’ll pick it up and refund your rental charge (less a $40 handling fee to cover our delivery and pick up costs).

When can I get my scooter delivered?

We typically require 24 hours or reasonable notice prior to delivery. On rare occasions we can deliver immediately upon request, but more often than not we will require some advanced notice.

Will my knee scooter work well outdoors?

In our experience, you need to be very careful when using a knee scooter outdoors. It is best to move with caution when the ground surface is uneven in order to avoid falling.

How do I secure the steering column on my Drive DV8 knee scooter?