Regaining your mobility after foot or ankle surgery has never been easier.



People who use our service love it — especially if they've ever had to use crutches in the past. Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

Yvonne C.

I really appreciated the scooter. It helped me be a little more independent.

Ellen M.

Thank you so much for your great service. Your kindness and attention to me and my needs was appreciated. The knee scooter was such a terrific tool and help my mobility immensely. Saved my arms! Thanks you so much for all your help. What a great service.

Tom G.

Appreciate your super fast service these past 2 months!

I found a rather useful accessory for the scooter. Hope you don’t mind :)

It made scoot life a little more bearable.

Simon L.

Ellen M.

Using crutches takes so much work, but I can get around on my little scooter so much better. You have a very good service…I’m glad I stumbled into you.

Sharon H.

Thank you for your excellent service. As soon as I get the green light I will be having my other foot operated on. I will definitely be giving you a call then.

Janis W.

Thank you so much for the rental of your knee scooter. It was a very much appreciated mode of travel around the house. Your prompt service was much appreciated.

John F.

The knee scooter was perfect for my foot surgery! Thank you for a great product & service.

Sandra S.

This was a godsend!

Debbie L: My foot is coming along well. Although I’m thankful for the walker, I will not miss it. My cat however is a different story as the picture shows. Thanks, I’ll see you Monday when you come to pick it up…the scooter that is, not the cat!

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